Now forming Junior Team Tennis Teams

We want to announce an excellent opportunity for all our students to form their own team for a local USTA Junior Team Tennis event late October.  We want as many teams as possible to go and compete then have the opportunity to travel with their team to Orlando to compete regionally.  

I specifically want one or two high school teams made. This will be great practice before January tryouts. 

See flyer attached and if you need help being placed on a team come see either Coaches Cheryl, Patrick or Heather to be matched accordingly.  

USTA Junior Team Tennis  

USTA Junior Team Tennis  

Wimbledon Week at SJTA summer tennis camp! 6 Years of Tradition

For 6 years we have been teaching our seven week summer tennis camps at Creekside High Tennis courts because our kids outgrew the 4 courts at Mills Field tennis club.  We have 8 tennis courts we can fill up for kids ages 4-18 years old, all levels of tennis play.  For 6 years we have celebrated "Wimbledon Week" in which we all dress in white, commemorate with a professional group photo of Academy tennis players and PTR Tennis Pro's.  We also have a tradition of a week long tournament play with a format just as you would have in Wimbledon and eat delicious Strawberries, which is a Wimbledon staple food.  The kids learn about all the Grand Slam tournaments of the year and we teach nutrition, strategy and mental health for tournament play.

I will work on a collage of all 6 years of our photos so everyone can see how young and old they are - although in my opinion tennis players stay looking young because of how much Joy the sport brings them!  

Our annual Academy players group photo - week #4 summer tennis camp "Wimbledon Week"

Our annual Academy players group photo - week #4 summer tennis camp "Wimbledon Week"

Summer Tennis Camp Week #4 - Dog Fight

Three weeks out of our seven week tennis camp we facilitate a "Dog Fight" in which all our Academy players do several tiebreaks in a round robin format.  Whomever has the perfect score is the finalist, these two tied and we ended up doing a playoff.  Amazing long rallies from Grace and Cary's in this picture.  These girls are training to play Level 6 & 7 USTA tournament play.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Summer Tennis Camp week #4 - Our 8 & Under Red ball class

Our 8 & Under red ball class has been full every week!  We can fit 8 kids on one adult size court in which we work on forehand & backhand groundstrokes on Mondays, Volleys and Overheads on Tuesdays and Underhand and Overhead serves on Thursdays.  Of course, every day we play tons of game in which the kids are learning technique through games.  They LOVE tennis!!

SJTA Tennis Camp week 1

Well we had a rough start to our week with the Trooical Storm but we finished out strong with one court of red ball, two courts of orange ball, 4 courts of green ball and 20 Academy players! This year we have 123 registered tennis players. Wow! Biggest summer to date in past 8 years.  


Congratulations to Molly & Sankeeth for our first Dog Fight winners of the summer season! These two had a perfect record and never were beaten once in a five round tiebreaker round robin.