Our 6-8 class is canceled. Courts still wet and starting to sprinkle again.

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Our 5-6/6:30 class for teens is canceled today. Courts are soaked!

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Our 4-5 class for 10 and Under is canceled. Very bad weather in the area and thunder!

I will decide the 5:00 class and 6-8 class around 4:30pm. Check back to our website please!
Coach Heather

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Tennis Team Challenges

There will be two Tennis Team Challenges in which we will put together teams of like ages and skill levels to participate. This a great time to put your best team mates together and challenge other kids in the local area to a match for singles and doubles. You can put together teams with 4 minimum and 8 maximum players, 2 girls/2boys minimum per team. Next two matches will be:
Julington Creek Plantation – Saturday, October 25th
Eagle Harbor – Saturday, November 15th

Put your teams together and register to Jamie Booras 904-305-8800/ first.coast.tennis@comcast.net

Matches is a 6 game set, regular scoring, tie-breaker 5-5

USTA Team Tennis Challenge in Sanlando, Florida 10u advanced division

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Summer Tennis Camp 2014 – St. Johns Tennis Academy

We had an awesome 7 week summer tennis camp this past summer. We celebrated in our 2nd week of camp “Wimbledon’s Championship week” at our camp eating Strawberries, the grand slam’s decadent treat minus the creme. Join us next year in our summer tennis camp. Sign ups begin in early June 2015!

St. Johns Tennis Academy summer tennis camp 2014

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Our 10 & Under programs are growing!

We currently have one class for our 8 & Under kids on a 36′ court, we have 3 full classes for 60′ (orange/yellow ball) and 2 green dot ball/full size courts for our 10 & Under tennis students.  We have fun playing tennis!

We have fun Tuesdays in our 10 & Under tennis class.

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Layering your clothes for cold weather!

Tonight its going to be cold at practice.  No sun and under 45 degrees so how do you layer?  Here is a picture of all the clothes I would wear to prepare to hit in 45 degree weather.  Layer in light thickness 2-4 layers.  You can peel and put back on according to how hot or cold you get during practice.  You will also need a hat (to keep your head warm), thin gloves or an old sock with a thumb hole cut out and probably a scarf to keep your neck warm.

2 -3 layers for top and bottom half of your body. You need pockets!

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Good luck to all our High School Academy players for HS tryouts this week!!

We wish all the best of luck to our following students at Saint Johns Tennis Academy:

Alec (senior), Kelly, Camille, Kate, Harrison (senior), Nila, Sandy, Rachel (senior), Erik, Savanna, Lindsey and Olivia (senior) for Creekside High School tennis team.  Go Knights!!

Martin, Mark, Ryan, Sydnee, Chad for Bartram Trail High School tennis team.  Go Bears!!

Sean (senior) for Mandarin High School tennis team.  Go Mustangs!!

Atharva, Mani, Mannat, Julia & Maelee for Nease High School tennis team.


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Back to the tennis courts!

Tennis lessons will resume this Monday, January 6th as normal.  Please return to your normal class schedule as before the break and bring your tuition for the new month of January.  Happy New Year!

I expect all our high school players back to class for next week before tryouts so that we may finish preparing you for the tryout process.  Please email me with any questions you may have.  I’m sending out reminder emails today.

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Amelia Island u14 advanced wins first place!

One of our teams, out of four, played in a recent USTA team tournament at Amelia Island early November. This team played in the U14 advanced level and won 1st place! Congratulations Chad, Haley, Faith, and Daniel


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